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Safety tools

PPE is personal protective equipment shorthand, PPE refer to any one or more for personal to guard against the risk of damage to the health and safety and wearing or the use of a device or equipment.

Including: Protective clothing, Goggle, Earmuff, Helmet, Raincoat, Rain boots, Safety mask, Gloves, Safety vest, Cone

100% PE safety net  Maxxtools supplier
Material: 100%  PE , 100g/㎡ Hole size:110x30mmWeight: 3.6kgs  
100% PVC post  ABS  base Maxxtools
Material: 100% PVC post,  ABS base, Height:1.15m Base Dia.40cm 
Best quality Collapsible cone waterproof  Maxxtools
Material:300D Waterproof oxford cloth,2pc  reflective tape 
PVC cone UV reflective tape Maxxtools
Material: 100% PVC, UV reflective tape 
100% polyster safety vest  orange/yellow color Maxxtools
Material: 100% Polyster,Reflective tape width 5cm 100g/㎡Size:60*68cm 
100% polyster safety vest  orange/yellow color Maxxtools
Material: 100% Polyster,80g/㎡Size:46*60cm
100% polyster safety vest  orange/yellow color Maxxtools
Material: 100% Polyster,Reflective tape width 5cm 100g/㎡Size:46*60cm
100% Latex gloves industrial use Maxxtools
100% Latex, Industrial use 
100% Latex gloves household use Maxxtools
100% Latex, Household use 
PVC safety rain boots  steel head Maxxtools
Oil and corrosion resistant PVC/NBR material,Smash-proof steel head Non-slip shoe bottom Stab-proof steel middle-layer 
Safety goggle  PVC material  CE ANSI certificate Maxxtools
Material: PVC , Color : Transparent  Elastic strap CE and ANSI certificate   
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