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Three-in-One hand riveter

Staple Guns, Nail Guns and Rivet Guns are hand-held tools used to drive metal staples, nails and rivets into a number of materials such as plastic, wood, masonry. Manual Staple Guns are also known as Staplers, Brad Nailers, Nail Guns or Nailers. Staples, Nails and Brads are available in a variety of sizes from 4mm up to even 20mm of leg length and are suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty general applications.

Single universal three-in-one multi-function gun multifuction hand riveter
Innovation patented structureUniversal head rotation ,360°rotationDelicate shape,ergonomic hand
Maxxtools Three-in-one Hand Rivet Mit121026
Three-in-one Hand Rivet Mit121026.As an important part of the final inspection, the label of is validated by our quality control team to ensure compliance with international bedding requirements.
Single universal three-in-one multi-function gun
• Innovation patented structure• Universal head rotation ,360°rotation• Delicate shape,ergonomic hand

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